Festival Ticket Fraud

Festival Ticket Fraud

The start of a New Year can be a dull and depressing time for a lot of people. The excesses of the New Year means that people feel far from their best and the weather is not going to encourage anyone to head outdoors and be active. Add in the fact that a lot of people are looking to be sensible with their money and you will find that a lot of people feel that the start of a New Year is a bit dull and best getting over and done with.

This means that people will be looking forward to activities and plans later in the year. Depending on what your hobbies and interests are, you’ll find that there are plenty of things happening later on this year that you should plan for. One of the best things about the summer is the number of music festivals taking place and you’ll find that most people will already be planning what festivals they plan on attending later this year. In fact, you’ll find that certain festivals, like Glastonbury, have already sold a great deal of tickets. There may be another official sale of tickets later on in the year but for now, it looks as though punters wanting to head to Glastonbury will need to find tickets through another source.

What bands will appear at Glastonbury?

Given that the bands attending Glastonbury haven’t yet been announced, this is an astounding thing. It is a clear indication that many people don’t really care about who performs at the big festival of the summer, they just want to be at the big event and get to take loads of selfies while being “festival ready” in the latest fashion. You don’t need to watch a lot of bands to have a great time at a music festival but there are some fans who will be heading to particular events to see certain bands.

This can be seen in the number of people who snapped up T in the Park tickets after The Stone Roses were announced to play. The Manchester band have already lined up 5 nights in the Etihad this summer and they’ve since added a date in Ireland as well, but for Scottish fans, the only chance to see them on home soil this year, so far, is going to be T in the Park. There will be plenty of people buying tickets for this one band and this means that there can be a high level of demand for festival tickets.

High demand means people will pay over the odds

When there is a high level of demand for something, there will always be people willing to sell tickets. This may be people who originally bought tickets selling them on for a profit. This isn’t great but it is a way for fans to get genuine tickets. This sort of behaviour is illegal in certain places and it isn’t something to be encouraged but compared to some of the other festival ticket frauds that can occur, it is a lesser of all the evils.

Some people will be selling tickets with no intention of providing any to the buyer. These buyers will advertise the fact that they are looking to sell tickets, will take money from the buyer and then will not deliver the ticket. This may come in the form of not sending out tickets or it may be that they don’t attend when they have agreed to meet the buyer personally. This can be a very cruel way to miss out on a big show or festival.

There will also be fraudsters who sell fake tickets for the big events. They may look genuine to festival buyers but when they arrive at the festival, they will soon find out that they have wasted their money. This can be the worst type of fraud because it is often only noticed when a person has arrived at the festival and then they are stuck for options for getting home.

Anyone that is involved with ticket fraud for the major festivals this summer will find that calling on the finest legal minds with respect to ticket fraud will be of great benefit. There is a need to find the best standard of representation when it comes to dealing with fraud and in this case, knowing the most experienced solicitor firm to trust can make a massive difference.

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On Tuesday evening the BBC encouraged families across the UK to step back in time for the weekend and learn some social history! We met the  a white middle class family from London who were going to live through 50 years of history for British families throughout a six week period.
Using a government study which was completed by people throughout the UK from the 1950s through to 1999, we watched ‘the family’ revamp their lives to a retro style! Honest to goodness elbow grease and thrifty living replaced their easy going 21st century lifestyle.
In the past 50 years families have gone from formal to frivolous and the ‘the family’ romped through a decade in an hour as social historians proceeded to trivialize post war Britain.
How would an ultra-modern 21st century family cope with the restrictions of the 1950s? There is currently role reversal in the family as Mrs Ashby Hawkins is the main breadwinner and her husband is the home-maker and child care provider. The children Daisy and Seth also have tremendous freedom but choose to enjoy their gadgets and lounging at home.
How would this family cope with the good old fashioned lifestyle from a bygone age? Have your say in our BBC forum.

Well, surprise, surpise they managed perfectly well. Phew! Each of them learnt new skills, became empowered and enjoyed the normality of family life in the 1950s. They were a bit put out at first as they were forced to live without labour saving devices, white goods, TV and gadgets. But they all enjoyed the experience as they discovered each other’s company, the great outdoors, puzzles, spam, the vegetable patch and the garden shed!
Even the wife who in the 21st century is usually leading the charge for the family, after getting over her initial feelings of being trapped enjoyed the experience and she was even given a lovely lipstick as a little treat towards the end of the programme and she was given a washing machine to help her with her daily chores. Ahhhhhhhh bliss!
I’m looking forward to seeing how they all cope with the swinging sixties next week. All that free love ….. Where will the story end!
Were you around way back when? If you had to give something up from the 21st century to go back in time what would it be? And most importantly how would you cope?
you can watch an episode here.